Windows adding eye control to boost accessibility

Microsoft’s Eye Control promo

We’ve written about eye-tracking hardware from Tobii a couple of times over the years. The company builds PC peripherals that can follow the gaze of your eyes and determine where on screen you’re looking. Until now, much of Tobii’s end-user products have tended to focus on gamers. They’ve used the eye tracking to either track how a game is being played (for example, to better understand how often you look at the minimap) or to add another style of input to a game—letting you aim where you’re looking, for example.

Today, Microsoft and Tobii announced a new feature that will expand eye control to work across Windows. Available in the latest Insider Preview builds, Eye Control lets you use tracking hardware to control a mouse cursor and an on-screen keyboard using the power of your gaze.

Currently, this requires a specific piece of Tobii hardware, though the company is planning to expand this functionality to other devices in its range. In principle, other compatible devices will also work with Windows.

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